Friday, September 14, 2007

More Refined Search in FPGA-IP Catelog is now possible!

Today we added new feature in IP Catelog, which will improve the quality of result. Initially you were only able to categorize IPs but now you can sort them by Vendors too. FPGA Central has over 750 IP lisitngs, in this way you can customize your search. So you can search IPs by categories, Vendors or the combination of the two. For e.g. If you want to look at all the DSP IPs from Xilinx's (or any vendor for that matter :-) select DSP from IP Category drop-down box, then Xilinx from IP Vendor box, click on search...& thats it!!!This feature is added to further enhance your experience.
And as always.....keep your feedback coming in our FEEDBACK section.

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