Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Launching FPGA EDA Tool Central

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the FPGA Central list of features. Now you can find list of all available FPGA related EDA Tools at one common location. Read reviews, write your own or just browse thru the list to find what works for you. It not only provides you list of EDA tools but also their category, platform, FPGA EDA Tool vendor and its description

The tools are tagged in various categories like: "Synthesis, Place And Route, Verification, Design Entry, Floorplanning, Signal Integrity, Backend, Configuration, Design environment, DSP Embedded Processor, Debugging" and continously growing.

We also have filter to help you filter the list with specific EDA Tool Category. So now if you want to search EDA Tools in "design environment" can totally do so.

As promised we will keep on adding new features to help you make more informative decisions and vendors to showcase their products. And do let us know if you see we mis-categorized something, or you would like to suggest a new tool or category.

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